Who is Carmine Perrelli?

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Carmine Has An Impressive Record Of Serving

The People Of Richmond Hill

Carmine Perrelli knows how to get things done. Carmine has consistently provided an impassioned voice for fiscal restraint and social responsibility. He is committed to improving services while keeping taxes low.

As the Deputy Mayor, Carmine acted quickly and decisively on actions to improve the quality of life for all Richmond Hill residents.

Actions like;

Making Richmond Hill a leader in Environmental Sustainability,

Distributing over 10,000 free Richmond Hill/Shop Local masks during the peak of Covid-19,

Implementing the Windrow Snow Removal Program,

Working with our provincial partners to bring the subway into the heart of Richmond Hill in ten short year, taking the Town of Richmond Hill into a modern City, singing O’Canada before every Council meeting,

Bringing in near 0 and 0% tax increases while protecting and enhancing valuable services and most recently,

Permanently eliminating the unjust green/blue bin exchange fee.

Many said that this kind of change wasn’t possible in Richmond Hill; Carmine said that this kind of change was too important and made it possible.

Input from the residents of Richmond Hill is Carmine’s most valued and welcomed source of information. Carmine continuously reaches out to residents for their input on issues and always keeps the lines of communication open via email, telephone, his website, public consultation meetings, as well as on a one-to-one basis.

Carmine has the strong leadership qualities needed to implement these progressive measures and understands that by working together with residents into the future, we can and we will, build an even better Richmond Hill.